Our Story

Our Mission is to help businesses transform their IT stack. Better enabling customers to retain existing clients while growing their business. Driving more profitability year over year and scaling their IT environments securely with the latest technologies.




EPLEXITY is here to help you leverage the power of technology to accelerate your business. We support customers in data centers or deep into their cloud journey. By becoming an extension of your existing IT team, we fill the gaps where IT expertise is needed to accelerate your path and hit your goals. We take on the undifferentiated heavy lifting of IT operations, monitoring, securing, and maintaining your environments 24/7/365. EPLEXITY - We back IT up.

We founded Eplexity to de-risk the cloud for you. We know how difficult it is to keep up with technology and the need to acquire new skills. We’ve focused on AWS since our inception. In building, consulting, and managing hundreds of cloud architectures, we’ve developed an opinionated approach that opens the door to an affordable, secure, scalable, consistent cloud experience, CXOS.

Our adoption of DevOps and Site Reliability practices allows us to deliver results. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and simplicity. Our team eliminates the need for our clients to expend energy on AWS R&D. It’s time-consuming and expensive. We know what’s essential, can see around the corners, and respond quickly. Working with an AWS Premier Consulting Partner means you’re going to market with a team of experts who have your back.

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