Cost Optimization

See significant cost savings on your AWS infrastructure with EPLEXITY’s Cost Optimization practice. Keeping your business needs in mind while keeping costs stable and optimizing your infrastructure.

See How Much You Can Save

Save Money and Improve your AWS Infrastructure

Cost Optimization/FinOps is an evolving cloud financial management practice that enables organizations to get maximum business value by helping technology, finance, and business teams collaborate on data-driven spending decisions.

Pillars Of Cost Optimization

  • Increase elasticity:

    Traditional IT costs and hardware requirements are tailored for peak usage and are rarely turned off. In the cloud, you can optimize costs to meet dynamic needs and turn resources off when they are not needed. For example, you can usually turn off non-production instances for 70% or more of any given week.

  • Right Size:

    Ensure that you are not over or under-provisioning

  • Leverage the suitable pricing model:

    AWS provides a range of pricing models that can optimize your costs

  • Optimize Storage:

    AWS provides multiple storage tiers at prices designed to meet performance.


Stay Cost Optimized with EPLEXITY’s Managed Services

Measure, monitor, and improve with EPLEXITY’s managed services – To ensure cost optimization, EPLEXITY can help you:

  • Define and enforce cost allocation tagging.
  • Define metrics, set targets, and review.
  • Leverage AWS tools and offerings.