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The CXOS services platform provides production ready AWS architectures that are deployable in minutes, fully automated, and supported by EPLEXITY around the clock.

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Accelerated Migration to AWS

CXOS saves our customers between $600 and $1200 per server migrated in Professional Services one-time fees.


Resource Cost Avoidance

CXOS can save you on average $625,000 annually in hiring new cloud resources to migrate and manage AWS workloads.


Improved Organizational Security

The average data breach cost for SMBs is $117,000, and Gartner predicts that 95% of security failures will be due to improper configurations. CXOS adheres to rigorous security standards and is monitored 24/7/365.


Cloud Infrastructure Management Tooling

Using CXOS instead of creating or buying your own infrastructure management tools saves our customers an average of $73,000 annually.



According to ITIC, a single hour of downtime costs firms at least $100,000. With CXOS Managed AWS Services, customers see higher uptime for their AWS Workloads

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What is CXOS?

The CXOS services platform provides production-ready AWS architectures that are deployable in minutes, fully automated, and supported by EPLEXITY around the clock. CXOS can cut your time to production-ready from months to days or weeks. And you no longer need internal AWS expertise to deploy workloads in AWS confidently.

CXOS patterns are pre-built architectures that meet AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices. Each pattern is tailored to your needs. Once deployed, the Mission Control dashboard provides complete visibility into your workload performance and operational data. And you receive 24/7 support that includes DevSecOps, site reliability engineering, runbook operations, and cost optimization services.

Mission Control

CXOS Mission Control is powered by Eplexity’s C3 (Cloud Command Center). Staffed by our US-based team 24/7/365, Mission Control monitors your environment, and as alerts happen, the C3 responds with an industry-leading 15-minute SLA. They determine the severity of alerts and take appropriate action, informing you with actionable intelligence.

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DevOps PODs

CXOS DevOps PODs for AWS are designed from the ground up to address your specific resourcing constraints in implementing and operating AWS environments. Our PODs provide access to our bench of engineers, architects, and service desk.

Our team of specialists and generalists support more than 250 technologies. We can support your modernization efforts with a principal architect, your microservices needs with a DevOps engineer, big data and analytics projects with a senior data engineer, and desktop services for your cloud-hosted Desktop Service Desk needs. With CXOS DevOps PODs you can instantly expand, enhance, or supplement your cloud experience and capacity. Scale up and down to meet your needs and avoid multiple, limiting SOWs that can conflict and result in unnecessary confusion.

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