Infrastructure Automation

DevOps engineers build scalable, repeatable, and predictable processes to increase velocity for our customers. Giving customers room to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, innovate new solutions for a competitive edge, and drive business results.

Meet with an Infrastructure Automation Specialist

Creation and management of CI/CD Pipeline

EPLEXITY offers a CI/CD Accelerator which includes a CI/CD analysis to provide you with a future state workflow and design, to deploy a CI/CD pipeline customized to your needs. Once a design is established, EPLEXITY will take the lead in the deployment of the following:

  • Analysis and improvement of your
    CI/CD processes
  • Automation of deployment pipelines
  • Help with setting up automated testing
  • Standardization of development environments, deployment, and orchestration

DevOps on AWS

DevOps combines tools, processes, and philosophies that enable you to increase the velocity at which you can deliver applications to market. AWS services align with DevOps practices to simplify and automate many benefits, including CI/CD, microservices, and infrastructure as code. And EPLEXITY AWS DevOps engineers have expertise in managing and operating, through infrastructure code, more than 100 AWS services.


DevOps on Demand for AWS

  • Need to modernize your AWS architecture?
  • Want to review and improve the security of your existing cloud environment?
  • Want to optimize the automated deployment of your application?
  • Looking for assistance during an

With DevOps on Demand from EPLEXITY, you can create your own DevOps dream team.

Our multidisciplinary experts are ready to assist you with a short or long-term project. We identify your technical and business goals and work closely with your team to achieve them. With DevOps on Demand EPLEXITY helps customers manage, modify and operate the following:

  • Modernizing an environment to a container and/or serverless architecture
  • Preparation and implementation of important technical changes and releases
  • Design and architecture of secure, scalable and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure
  • Migration to the cloud from your existing environment
  • Implementing a GitOps approach to managing AWS infrastructure
  • Migration between cloud environments (Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Heruku, etc. to AWS)