Scale your Business with EPLEXITY POD's 

The EPLEXITY AWS team consists of a bench of US-based subject matter experts. With EPLEXITY's POD services, utilize our team based on your needs and tasks each month.

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What is a POD?

A POD provides EPLEXITY customers with access to EPLEXITY resources for a set number of hours per month. POD hours are available in increments of 20 hours (E.g. 20, 40, 60+)

Why POD? 

POD’s give you the flexibility of completing a range of tasks with access to a bench of subject matter experts. No need to hire 5+ resources to get your work done.

What is a good use-case for a POD?

Great for daily tasks, long-term initiatives, and helping to fill gaps of knowledge within your existing IT team. PODs are a great way to help you SCALE. Work that is not project-based and is not related to ongoing managed services.

" We have benefited greatly from our partnership with EPLEXITY and their skill, attention, and diligence.  They were instrumental in helping us rollout enhancements to our product as well as identifying substantial cost savings.  Eplexity has shown creativity in delivering solutions that improved our security posture as well stability of our platforms.  Eplexity is a wonderful partner! You work with dedicated teams who really take the time and personal approach to make it feel more like friendship than managed services.”
David Clark, VP of Technology - People 2.0

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