Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Keep up with the rapid growth in remote work with EPLEXITY’s CXOS Desktop as a Service! CXOS DaaS delivers high performance workstations to desktops through AWS cloud. Our DaaS solution brings together a diverse set of technology requirements available to end users 24/7/365. Whether it’s a security issue or an end user issue, we are helping IT departments co-deliver. #backITup

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Benefits of using Desktop as a Service

Keep your data secure and available

  • EPLEXITY’s Enterprise 24/7 Managed Centralized Service Solution covering
    • Profile Management by liquidware
    • Workload Security protection by SentinelOne
    • Cloud Security protection by CXOS AWS Landing Zone: Guard Duty, Inspector, and Macie
  • High-performance remote display protocol backed by elastic NVIDIA GPUs that provides customers with a secure way to deliver remote desktops
    • Customers can run graphics-intensive applications remotely, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated workstations
    • Display protocol streams pixels and not geometries to ensure customer data privacy

Why CXOS DaaS?

CXOS Daas - Powered by AWS

  • $0 upfront investment
  • Add or delete 10, 100s, or 1000s of desktops on demand
  • Support multiple devices
  • Turn key \ fully managed 24/7 by EPLEXITY Cloud Operation Center (C3) backing up IT Departments
  • Choice High Availability and Disaster recovery options across AWS Regions and Availability Zones
  • Easy integration with other AWS Service
  • GPU powered and codec optimized for graphic intense workloads and/or 4K monitor layouts

On-premise Virtual Desktop

  • Set up time takes weeks to months
  • Scaling requires planning or under-utilized virtual desktops
  • Integration may vary by vendor
  • Requires infrastructure deployment in multiple locations
  • Requires diverse IT Management in areas of Security, End-user Support, Infrastructure, and Business Analytics
  • Limited GPU session management
  • Integration of vendor technologies and management is complex

CI/CD Accelerator

EPLEXITY offers a CI/CD Accelerator which includes a CI/CD analysis to provide you with a future state workflow and design, with the goal of deploying a CI/CD pipeline that’s customized to your needs. Once a design has been established EPLEXITY will take lead in the deployment of the following:

  • Analysis and improvement of your CI/CD processes
  • Automation of deployment pipelines
  • Help with setting up automated testing
  • Standardization of development environments, deployment and orchestration

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