AWS re:Invent 2021-Day 1 Recap

What You Need To Know

By Forrest Brink an AWS-Certified Solutions Architect 

Not able to attend AWS re:Invent 2021?? No worries, EPLEXITY has you covered!

Yesterday, AWS kicked off its 10th annual AWS re:Invent conference, with that, came several exciting announcements with the release of new services, and updates to existing services. We highlighted some of our favorite announcements from day 1 of AWS re:Invent 2021 below:

AWS Well-Architected Custom Lenses

In 2017, AWS launched a handful of workload-specific “lenses” as an extension of their Well-Architected Framework, those lenses included the Foundational Technical Review, Serverless, and SaaS lens. Announced yesterday at Day 1 of AWS re:Invent, the release of AWS Well-Architected Custom lenses, a new feature of the AWS Well-Architected Tool that allows customers or partners to bring their own processes, procedures, and best-practices into their Well-Architected Framework. Today, utilize AWS Well-Architected Custom Lenses to create and share Custom Lenses within your organization that is custom to your unique business, technical, and compliance requirements.


AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform

Many AWS customers are taking advantage of Customizations AWS Control Tower, utilizing AWS CloudFormation to deploy custom templates or policies to individual accounts within their AWS Landing Zone, but customers using Terraform instead of CloudFormation are unable to take advantage of the same customizations. Yesterday, AWS announced the availability of AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform. This enables customers that are currently using Terraform to manage their AWS infrastructure, to be able to customize and deploy AWS accounts through Terraform.


Recycle Bin for Elastic Block Storage (EBS) Snapshots

Have you ever stumbled across a large amount of old EBS snapshots and thought “I could save my organization a bunch of money by deleting these”? Have you ever then deleted those snapshots and then needed to perform a restore of data from one of those snapshots? Whether you have been there or not, nobody wants to be in a position where they need to perform a restore and then realize that the snapshot was accidentally deleted. AWS announced the availability of Recycle Bin for EBS Snapshots. With Recycle Bin, customers can set up rules or policies to retain deleted snapshots for a set period of time to protect against accidental deletion.


Price Reduction for Egress Data Transfer

While technically, this was announced a few days before AWS re:Invent 2021, this announcement has the most widespread impact on AWS customers! Many customers we talk to fear getting their AWS invoice at the end of the month because of the unknown data transfer fees that vary each month. Data transfer can be extremely hard to forecast, leading to many organizations fearing the AWS bill each month. Leading up to re:Invent, AWS announced a new free tier for data transfer to replace the existing free tier, which allows all customers 100 GB per month of egress data transfer from all AWS regions. Additionally, the first 1 TB of data transfer out of Amazon CloudFront, the first 10 million HTTP/S requests, and the first 2 million CloudFront Functions invocations will also be free.


Automated Vulnerability Management with a new and improved Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector is a service used by many organizations to assess and improve the security of their workloads running in AWS by continually scanning resources to identify any potential vulnerabilities. Yesterday, AWS announced a new and improved Amazon Inspector that expanded the supported resources that Amazon Inspector can assess and allows organizations to scale by automatically discovering and assessing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) resources as they are created. Additionally, Amazon Inspector now utilizes the AWS Systems Manager agent, instead of its own standalone agent, eliminating the need for a separate agent installation.


EPLEXITY launched their new DaaS solution at re:Invent

EPLEXITY, a global leader in Next-Generation Managed Services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Partner, announced the launch of their Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaSL) purpose-built for small to medium size enterprises at AWS’s annual conference, re:Invent 2021. The DaaS offering, powered by EPLEXITY’s CXOS AWS Services Platform, provides enterprise features in security, scalability, and management while saving customers an average of 30% over competing solutions. The DaaS solution has been optimized to support a wide array of performant hungry end-user-computing applications such as AutoCAD ensuring an optimal user experience for even the most demanding applications.


Watch the video below to learn more about EPLEXITY's DaaS solution announced at AWS re:Invent 2021


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