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of businesses, cited outdated skill sets in IT as a key barrier to meeting business and technology priorities.



The cloud levels the playing field.


Average savings with cloud

Companies that subscribe to cloud and next-generation IT services, on average, say they save 31% compared to onsite infrastructure. 


Average downtime reduction

With resiliency architected in the cloud from the ground up, you get more reliability and, on average, a 69% reduction in unplanned downtime.

The clear business benefits of the cloud and next generation IT services have made it the #1 IT Priority for companies fewer than 1,000 employees

  • The highest level of cloud and end-user security - managed 24/7
  • Reliability and resiliency designed from the start - monitored and supported 24/7
  • Real savings you can see and measure
  • Cloud capacity and a team of experts that scale as you need it
It would have been insane for us to attack this on our own.” - When asked about migrating to AWS
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