Eplexity Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Eplexity has built a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to manage the diverse cloud workloads in our MSP portfolio. The Eplexity CMP provides a single pane of glass through which an administrator can view all clouds where application deployments might land.

Such tools typically provide governance so that an administrator can dictate who is allowed to deploy what applications where. Metering and billing are important concepts as well so that administrators can put up guide rails for individuals or teams so that they don’t deploy too many resources at once without approvals.

Gone are the days where it takes three weeks and multiple trouble tickets to get a virtual machine (VM). CMPs provide end users with self-service, on-demand resource provisioning while giving administrators a degree of control. An important aspect of CMP functionality is managing the lifecycle of an individual application, which typically starts with the modeling process.

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