AWS re:Invent 2021 Conference-Day 2 Recap

What You Need To Know

By Forrest Brink an AWS-Certified Solutions Architect 

Day 2 at AWS re:Invent kicked off with new AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s first re:Invent keynote and as expected, along with that came a ton of new announcements. Below are some of the key announcements coming from day 2 in Las Vegas!


In 2019, AWS announced the availability of their new Graviton2 processor that provided customers with higher performance at a lower cost. Yesterday, AWS announced the availability of the new C7g instances, powered by the new Graviton3 processor. The Graviton3 process can be up to 25 percent faster for typical average workloads compared to Graviton 2 and can perform floating-point operations and cryptography twice as fast.

Trainium-based Trn1 Instances

At last year’s virtual re:Invent conference AWS announced the availability of AWS Trainium, a next-generation custom chip for machine learning. This year, AWS has added on top of that by announcing the preview of AWS Trainium-based Amazon EC2 Trn1 instances, providing customers with the best price-performance for training deep learning models in AWS.

Sagemaker canvas

Another announcement at the AWS re:Invent Conference for the machine learning world comes in the form of Amazon Sagemaker Canvas. A new visual, no code capability, Amazon Sagemaker Canvas aims to allow anybody to be able to build machine learning prediction models by leveraging the same technology as Amazon Sagemaker.

Serverless analytics

AWS went all-in on serverless analytics during day 2, with the announcement that Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon MSK, and Amazon Redshift will now be available as serverless services. With all of these services, customers can take advantage of their analytics capabilities but are also required to manage the underlying clusters or servers. Today, with serverless services available, AWS removes the need to configure, scale, or manage the underlying clusters or servers.

Private 5G

One of many announcements by the AWS re:Invent keynote speaker Adam Selipsky’swas that , AWS is now offering a preview of AWS Private 5G, a private 5G service for enterprises. AWS Private 5G automates the configuration and deployment of the network, to provide enterprises with a fully-managed private 5G network.

Stay posted for updates from day 3 at AWS re:Invent!


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