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Next-Generation Managed Services Provider & AWS Premier Cloud Consultancy - We back IT up 24/7/365

EPLEXITY helps operate your IT infrastructure in the cloud and on-premise efficiently and securely 24/7/365. Leverage EPLEXITY's consulting, managed, and cloud migration services to optimize your operational capabilities. Save time and money with EPLEXITY's team of certified experts! 

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How We Back IT Up 24/7/365

EPLEXITY's 24/7/365 managed IT services provides customers with peace of mind as we monitor and manage their environments around the clock. Our certified experts and customer support-desk support both co-managed and AWS cloud environments.

Co-Managed IT Services

EPLEXITY’s highly skilled, friendly, and courteous experts work alongside your IT team to lighten their workload, redirecting their focus to business-critical strategy and innovation. Depending on your needs, we can advise, support, and deliver IT projects, IT roadmaps, infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, security, data backups, business continuity planning, system optimization, help desk support, and more, all at a flat monthly fee.

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Practice Areas

EPLEXITY provides subject matter experts to customers with the highest level of service within our practice areas.

CXOS - the most innovative technology to deliver your AWS project & support needs.

The CXOS services platform provides production-ready AWS architectures that are deployable in minutes, fully automated, and supported by EPLEXITY around the clock. CXOS can significantly cut your time to being production-ready on AWS. Internal AWS expertise is no longer needed to deploy and manage workloads in AWS confidently.

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“Migrating to AWS with CXOS from Eplexity was far more cost-effective than we had anticipated. The application patterns saved weeks off the timeline we had built, and Mission Control provides us with peace of mind, knowing that every deployed pattern is being managed and supported by a team of AWS certified experts 24/7.”

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We've grown 7x since EPLEXITY...and they helped us set the foundation 

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EPLEXITY is One of the Fastest Growing Next Generation IT Services Providers